Ndamutswa Remix

from by Shingirayi

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(Shingirayi verse)

1. Shingirayi ndainge ndafa ndaizvidhonza sa Musafafa
2. Rhythm City muGangsta, Shumba Lion King Mufasa
3. But Satani ndochikara, chi’nodzvoova chokumedza;
4. Mweya wako oparadzaa, yawe spiritual-murder!
5. Okupisa sefodya watsva okurasa wosvipwa!
6. Asi ndakazoibheka, move yake ndikaiblocka (watah!)
7. Jesu akandi trainaa, nhasi ndavamusoja
8. Guva ndakaridhoja, Ishe makandirezerecta (shuwa!)

(Ill Ceey verse)

1. Prodigal son I be back to my Father/Died to myself homeboy like a martyr/
2. These rap cats need to know that ill's back on my backpack, ain't no body else goes harder/listen,
3. Underrated but I'm still here, this game broke, wheelchair/
4. I don’t care about having a name, I'd rather rep the name of my King yeah/
5. New man, let ‘em boo man, I’ma do man / what my Father says I gotta do man/
6. Gotta stay true man, in the world, got a new view man/ Changed by the light got a new plan/ listen,
7. Some would say that I found religion, I would say that I found a reason/
8. To live and to breathe and to be, all I can be to thee/ commissioned me now I'm on a mission/ let's go...

Ini ndanga ndafa! Ini ndanga ndafa!
Ini ndanga ndafa asi washe ini ndamutswa!
Ini ndanga ndafa! Maiwee ndanga ndafa!
Mau Mau aradzwa, Shingirayi azvarwa patsva, inzwa!

(Brythreesixty verse)

1. Grim Reaper tryna put me down, Doves Morgan before my time,
2. Put me up in a coffin, celebrate till they bury me,
3. They raised hell like Steve Austin, life came in three ways
4. Like father son and the Holy Ghost felt me to overdose raaah
5. Running round in the streets and the angels walking around about me,
6. Murder my flesh I put it vice, the word of God that I bite,
7. John 3:16 got me spitting POW,
8. Death where’s your sting, grave too…

(J-barz verse)
1. This night life tryna hold me back,
2. Bible on my stand, taking doses like a night cap,
3. I stay focused like a hit man,
4. Breaking all the rules, Christ playing the like the sixth man,
5. I'm overdosing with the potion I'm diving into the ocean,
6. I got him Christ be my coach
7. And sipping on that living water
8. Repping for my Father, taking orders till we cross borders


(Nowizz verse)

1. Two-steppin’ to the burg from the burbs, I wrote ma A's
2. Pass me the herb, I done heard I’ma fail
3. I survived on freakin’ porridge and thinkin God ain’ got it
4. First-born, I see him proceed
5. Mama sed I had a chance, like the old Benz, no advance
6. But ma old friends on some rubber bands
7. I’m still up in ma mama stand, I hope you understand
8. I need the light that shine on Shingirayi [God]

(Shingirayi verse)

1. Jesu ndi bodyguard my protector saWhitney Houston naKevin Costner
2. Akanditorera bullet, paakandifirira pamuchinjikwa
3. Anonditungamira, pandinofamba munzira o clear
4. Se motorcade, my defender nemiMambo ndinotemba!
5. Ndoo zvandorangarira, kana play yangu yasungwa
6. Muvengi ndakumutamba saMacheso, sungura!
7. Usave “Ndambakuudzwa”, shoko raShe waudzwa
8. Nhasi nda indestructible, Thank you Lord, mandimutswa, Amen!

Chorus 3


from Born Again, released December 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Shingirayi Harare, Zimbabwe

Shingirayi (formerly known as Mau Mau) is a Zimbabwean artist who is a follower of Jesus Christ, a hip-hop musician, filmmaker and entrepreneur.

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